Square Point of Sale - POS System (Register)

Version (4.65) released on 6/5/17
Latest Release: 3 ★ from 10 Reviews
Overall: 3.5 ★ from 16,846 Reviews

New features coming your way:
Itemized refunds are here. You can now select specific items from a transaction to refund. We’ll calculate the exact refund amount and automatically adjust your itemization and inventory reports.

Card on File is now in sync with the Square Appointments app. This means you can tap Checkout in the Appointments app, and if your customer has a card on file, all their payment info is prefilled and ready to be charged.

Invoices just got easier to customize. You can now write a custom default message that appears automatically on all your invoices, if you choose.

Configuring printers just got easier. Instead of configuring individual printers, you can now create a Printer Station, add all the settings to the station, then connect your printer. This makes it easier to swap out printers and allocate more specific tasks to printers.

Improvements we’ve made:
Discounts are no longer applied to complimentary or voided items, giving your customers the full discount amount.

We update our apps regularly to make sure they’re at 100%, so we suggest turning on automatic updates on devices running Square Point of Sale.

Thanks for selling with Square. Questions? We’re here to help: square.com/help.